UBC Robot and Cow Surveys

I’ve been bumbling around the internet in search of awesome things to do this summer, and I bumbled into this YourViews, which is a UBC website with research surveys about dilemmas and public opinion on things such as cows and robots.

I had a laugh – the robot one had a lot of joke answers – I feel like somebody asked a class to answer it. But the content itself was pretty interesting and made me think a bit. I even went searching for a word I had forgotten – “ersatz” (adj. fake but less of a negative connotation).

Oh, and in other news, here is Michael Pawlyn doing a TEDtalk about some pretty cool stuff. Those greenhouses! If Paul Atreides could see this, he’d cry. Actually, I’m not sure, I only read the first dune book.

This reminds me of something that struck me pretty deep before I got out to Guelph:

The fact of the matter is that we now understand lots of these things in ways that were inconceivable 50 years ago. And now we could begin to talk about things that 50 years ago people could not have dreamt of. When I took this course, and I did take it in 1961, we didn’t know about 80% of what we now know.

You cannot say that about mechanics in physics, you cannot say that about circuit theory in electronics, and you cannot say that, obviously, about chemistry. And I’m mentioning that to you simply because this field has changed enormously over the ensuing four decades.

Prof. Robert A. Weinberg

I’m really excited about things to come.

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