Where I Come From

Me picking strawberries

You can tell I am an old soul by my Dad's stolen Tilley hat.

I’ve always wanted to work with animals. I grew up in Vancouver (in Strathcona, a very old neighbourhood), and while I would joke about a pony for Christmas, I was happy to watch the squirrels and crows. Our co-op had a big backyard, and plenty of cats, and thanks to the garden and my Mum, I know a bunch about plants. It makes me really happy to be able to introduce somebody new to the joy of picking and sucking the nectar out of nasturtiums. My music award money went towards Country Life (new ed. called “Home Farm”) by Paul Heiney which had lots of pictures and I read cover to cover repeatedly and avidly. I could talk for hours about what I wanted to have on my farm – Chickens that would have movable pens, a small flock of Angora goats for their fibre who would also help me keep my orchard tidy, and of course lots and lots of bean vines near the house. For starters.
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